Polycristaline Diamond

Polycristaline Diamond P.C.D.

Since 2000, we produce Polycristaline Diamond tools, with a personnel and production and control means highly qualified. We can say that our diamond tools have a high reliability in this so hard to please market of components mechanisation for the automation and aeronautic sector.

The use of P.C.D. in cutting tools has had a decisive influence on the progress made with respect to machining technology.

Increased output, plus the achievement of strict tolerances and surface finishes, makes these tools ideal for guaranteeing the interchangeability of mass produced components.

High cutting speeds and high resistance to abrasion, together with a series of appropriate machining conditions, permit a considerable increase in the productivity obtained from machining processes.

Non-ferrous metals, and very particularly aluminium alloys with a high Si content, in addition to copper, magnesium, silver, gold, etc., are the ideal materials for P.C.D. machining. P.C.D. is also used on non-metallic materials such as plastics, wood, fibreglass, carbon fibre, etc.

P.C.B.N (Polycristaline Cubic Boron Nitride) is being used in ferric material and more specifically hardened steels with very similar parameters to P.C.D.